Grafana 7.0 - Export CSV

We have just updated Grafana from Grafana 6.7 to Grafana 7.0.
We tried to Export a CSV data file from ‘Graph panel’. But it doesn’t work properly because Time column is in Timestamp format and not in Data format (YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss), in CSV file. We need to have Data format in CSV file.
How can we fix it?

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@jangaraj Thank you!
I found this comment:

So, they fill fix the bug in the upcoming versions, most probably 7.1.

Same here. I now have to educate my platform users to do a time conversion in a spreadsheet: =A2/86400000 + 25569 + 2/24 where 86400000 is the milliseconds in 1 day, 25569 is the offset for 1970/01/01 and 2/24 is the timezone offset. Less than ideal. Looking forward to the fix.

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