Inconsistencies in time in Grafana v7.0.0

We updated to Grafana v7.0.0 last week and since then we have notices a few issues with regards to time.

The raw data is in UTC, and when presented in a panel, we set time to ‘cest’. At this point the data is being shown correctly.

When I select the Inspect tab, the time field is now being shown in what appears to be local time (cest +1).

When I download the csv, the data is being shown in UTC and the formatting of the data visible in both the panel and Inspect tab have been removed and is now being shown in Epochmilli.

Either I am missing something obvious, or there is a bug. Any support is much appreciated.

Grafana Panel:

Data Inspect

CSV issue: Grafana 7.0 - Export CSV
It was fixed in 7.0.1 - see release notes

Great, thank you! Much appreciated!