Timezone issue: Data not displaying correctly

First, I’m not a developer, I’m a mid-level systems administrator trying to get a number of systems to play nice with each other.

Situation: We have some data we would like to display in grafana (what a great product, well done team!) in a specific way. The database system relies on and works with a bunch of other platforms, so the data is what it is at this stage.

Unfortunately, grafana keeps interfering with the timezone. We use UTC+10 as our default and data is recorded in local time, yet grafana keeps saying each day starts at 10am, cutting off large sections, and saying activity occurred in the middle of the night.

Other posts I’ve read suggest converting data to UTC to store it in the database, but this is extremely undesirable as it would create a lot more work - only to have grafana convert it all back.

We don’t use a datetime or timestamp field, we have a date field and sometimes we use time when it suits our purposes.

Is there a way to tell grafana to just forget timezone? I want it to just accept the data in the database as gospel, and not worry about converting things or allowing for timezones at the moment.

My frustration level is currently around a million out of ten (possibly due to my limited skill). I would really really like to find a way around this issue.

Does anyone have a suggestion for how we can adapt the tool to our uses instead of adapting our uses to the tool? I understand this isn’t always possible.

The database, operating system, and browser are all set to our local time.

Thanks for any help.

Use the query in the Grafana, which return time in the UTC timezone. Mysql has a good support for date functions, so it will be piece of cake to convert local date to utc timestamp on the SQL level.