CSV Export Link

I’m using Grafana 8.2.4 and i try to create a link, so a whole Time Series panel gets exported as CSV with only one klick. Its always the same number of curves (4 different curves in one panel) and i would like to use the time range, that is active
I created a link with :


(only an example link, the real link is on my localhost, its not connected to the internet atm).

But this opens a new instance of the graph and then the default time range is set. For example if the initial time range is set to 15min and i change it to 1h, when i use the link, a new instance is opened and the export is 15 min again and not the 1h, i want.

Hope you can understand my problem. Is there a possibility to pass the active time range for csv export ?

Nobody has an idea or is it impossible to pass the time range or is it perhaps hard to understand what I want to do ?

Hello and welcome!

I’m not sure I quite really understand the problem, but will try to help.

How did you create your link? Is it from the dashboard settings menu > Links?

With the created link like in the screenshot above you’ll always get the current/active selected time range when you click on the link.
You could try to add your own query parameters or tick the checkbox to include all your template variables as well.