CSV Export Not Exporting Correct Time Range

I am having an issue exporting data. When I export data from a line graph as a CSV, I get all data for the data points I have selected, not just the data in the selected time zone.

So for an example if I have been collecting data since September 1st, and I zoom into the data for today only and export, I get the data since September 1st not just today.

I am using Grafana 4.5.2 and crate.io for my database.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

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I have the same problem.
If this is the normal behavior, could this be a feature request?

It’s solved for me. It was my fault.
In the mysql query I forgot to put the WHERE clause as suggested in the example shown by default when you add a new query. The clause I had left out was:
“WHERE $__timeFilter(time_column)”