Exported data from csv settings


I hope everything is ok here, so I’m wondering if it was possible to change the settings of Exported data from csv in Grafana ?

Currently I want to do statistics over a period of 3 months, my sensor send a payload every 2 mins to TSDBB (influxdb) I can manage them directly with grafana and everything works well, but when I do a CSV export I have to choose 24 hour sampling to recover the good sampling, that is to say a plot every 2 mins.
For example If I choose a custom range of 3 months I have a sampling of 3hours so there is a big gap between 2min and 3hours. So to summarize I want extract my datas over a period of 3 months (in one time) with a sampling every 2 mins in the grafana_data_export.csv

I’m using Grafana V6.3.4

Thank you for your help.

Just found group by time (2m) :slight_smile: