Grafana metrics data export with 30sec Interval

I need to export metrics data(csv) for whole month with 30sec interval. If I select time range for a month it is showing with 2hours of interval. Can someone please help on how to export data with 30sec interval for a month.

Hello, I can see why you’d want that, but it isn’t possible at the moment and it’s not likely to be possible anytime soon either. I’ll try to explain why:

30 days worth of 30s interval data is more than 86 000 datapoints (this is per series). A small dashboard can easily have 10-20 series and a big one way more than so. Misuse of a “maximum interval” feature could lead to slow performance and unstable dashboards. The current strategy is to have a minimum interval of the equivalent of a pixel’s width since anything more granular does not affect the visualization. Export to CSV uses the same data as the visualization (which is good for some use-cases and bad for others); and since Grafana is ultimately a tool for data visualization rather than data manipulation and exports the choices made in the design of Grafana reflects that and optimizes for a good user experience when doing exactly that.