Generate a report with grafana


It’s only been a few weeks since I started to use Grafana with Prometheus and I’m trying to create reports with grafana. I have seen that you can create CSV files with the graph panel (
But I need to generate the data for every 1 or 2 minutes and if I generate a CSV file with a time less than 1 month, it’s ok but for 1 year, the data generated is by part of 6 hours.
How can I generate 1 CSV file for more than 1 month by parts of 1 minute ?

And do you know if in a future release, we will be able to export csv file with the singlestat panel like we do with the graph panel (just to make a % of the availability of a server) ?

Thanks for you help :slight_smile:

There is no reporting feature in grafana.

If you want more fine grained data in your csv report you need to modify your prometheus step parameter (This will make the query a lot slower)

I agree, this task isn’t specific to Grafana.

Create a bash script with cron, that write a csv dump from your database regularly to a file.

But generate a rendered png image from the dashboard or from a specified graph or table.

Hey nicolasjoseph

I am looking to do the same thing wanted to know if you were ever able to figure out a solution?