Character limit in Grafana

Is there a limitation on how long a character can be for Grafana to poll it from Elasticsearch?

I am using Grafana 7.3.0 and anything that’s above 256 characters isn’t displayed / calculated. I can query the data fine using curl but when I add it to my dashboard I am unable to see the data and Grafana shows it as missing.

It depends where and how you are displaying that long string, which panel is used. I’m pulling images from ES (so size is a few kBs) and I’m displaying them in the table panel without any issue.

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Thanks, I tried using a table panel / stats counter. None of them return a value, when I look at the query response I see Grafana is just not able to get a value.

In the table panel I am merely displaying the query result, not doing any transformation etc on it.

First use query inspector to verify es result response . And also provide reproducible description, pls? I’m using table panel is not good description, because that panel has x options, which gives many possible combinations.