Variable does not show more than 1000 returned values from a query

Dear Grafana Community,

We have experienced some issues in displaying statistics when using grafana open-source edition. The problem is that variable does not show all returned values from a query, but only 1000 values.
A similar problem has been described here Variable: Return more than 1000 results · Issue #59959 · grafana/grafana · GitHub.

We use the elasticsearch data source and we have created a variable based on the following variable query:
{“find”: “terms”, “query”:“”, “field”:“_____.keyword”, “size”: 2000}

We use this variable as a filter on our dashboard and we need all the 1700 options for searching and filtering.

Would it be possible to change some parts of the configuration or code to implement this feature?
Could you please help us and give us a hint on how to resolve this issue and change this limit on our local instance?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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What happens if you ran the same query outside of grafana directly against es?


When I ran the same query directly on es, I got all options.

This is the query:

curl -X GET “http:///_search?pretty" -H ‘Content-Type: application/json’ -d’
“aggs”: {
“type-aggs”: {
“terms”: {
“field”: "
__.keyword”, “size”: 2000

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Can you try creating another variable that uses infinity plugin and calls the es api endpoint directly?

See following thread


We implemented another variable that uses the infinity plugin as you suggested, but we have the same limitation as in the discussion above.
Is this maybe a frontend grafana limitation?

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great sleuthing!

It is indeed a grafana issue, tried it with sql server.

Do you have an idea how to solve this? :sweat_smile:

wonder if there is a way to group things then you would have another parent drop down that filters second drop down

Hi Grafana team, in our case, we have 9000 signal names (values), we want user to select from dropdown list.
It would be great to remove the 1000 limit. Thanks! :smiley: