Grafana Elastic Failed to display Node graph

Hello, I would like to display node graph in my dashboard using ElasticSearch as the data source. I tried to push into an index with this data that was made based on the documentation in Node graph | Grafana documentation

But the thing is, the data is not shown. I am currently using Grafana v9.1.7 and ElasticSearch 8.4.2

This is the sample JSON data that I push to ElasticIndex. Is there any example that I can use?

	"nodes": [
			"id": "node1",
			"title": "Command 1",
			"subtitle": "Subtitle 1",
			"mainstat": "Node1",
			"detail_mitre": "T0000",
			"time": "2022-07-15T05:50:02+0000"
			"id": "node2",
			"title": "Command 2",
			"subtitle": "Subtitle 2",
			"mainstat": "Node2",
			"detail_mitre": "T0001",
			"time": "2022-07-15T05:50:07+0000"
			"id": "node3",
			"title": "Command 3",
			"subtitle": "Subtitle 3",
			"mainstat": "Node3",
			"detail_mitre": "T0001",
			"time": "2022-07-15T05:50:10+0000"
	"edges": [
			"id": "relationship1",
			"source": "node1",
			"target": "node2",
			"time": "2022-07-15T05:50:04+0000"
			"id": "relationship2",
			"source": "node2",
			"target": "node3",
			"time": "2022-07-15T05:50:08+0000"
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Hi, i have same question. did you manage to make it work ?



using infinity plugin to mock elastic this is what I get.

and hitting directly the opensearch api url to port 9200 using infinity plugin

Hi, thanks a lot for your reply.

Ok will try with Elasticsearch, on your last screenshot i assume that index is “grafana”

thanks again

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yep just a sample index called grafana/ I just cannot do it using lucene query to extract the data out as nodes and edges.

Finally, was able to make it work using “Nodes - Node Graph” and “Edges - Node Graph”

really interesting


would be cool to know how to do it with lucene query but not my forte. infinity is amazing!


Hello. How did you relate Nodes and Edges. I Can visualize Nodes with statistics

or Edges without statistics

I use an url (request to elastic server) to get nodes and values, but an inline file to edges.