Not possible to choose more than 10 variables at once (?)

I’m using Grafana 5.4.2 and elasticsearch. I would like to choose and display more than 10 variables at once in a chart but I’m unable to do this. Is there a limit to 10 in Grafana?

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Where do you find this limit? Can you show a screenshot? You mean time series, or dashboard variables or metric rows in the query?

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Yea sorry for bad description. If you check the picture it might be clearer what I mean.

Any update on this? Is there a limit that you only can display a total of 10 selected variables?

Best regards, B

It looks like something I encountered as well - not so much a limit on select count, as a limit on number of values that are displayed for a single variable ?

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Sorry for the delay. The other person on the project has added some additional variables, so we’re now at 2-24. Strangely, 2-11 show up as does 24, but 12-23 are missing. NOTE: I’ve tried just entering 12 for the instrument ID, but that doesn’t show anything.

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