Size limit in templating variables

using Grafana 4.6.2 with a Graphite 1.1.x datasource, we can’t have more than 1000 elements displayed in a templating variable defined with a query. I didn’t find a config parameter to modify this limitation, so is it something possible?


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It’s not support for more than 1000 items. Maybe you can combine multiple variables where the first variable filter data in second variable.

Is it still hard limit in Grafana 6.x or Grafana 7.x? I’m looking for solution how to work with more than 1000 items and filtering isn’t possible in our usecase

Looks like the limit is the same for all sources, I am having trouble because it can not list all results from ElasticSearch as datasource on a filed variable.

Will this be changed to be configurable ?

Hello, anything new with templating variable size limit in the latest Grafana versions? Thanks

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