How can I increase the number of rows to more than 10000 in a table

I am using Grafana v9.2.0 for creating a dashboard in windows.My datasource type is elasticsearch and while creating a table panel in a dashboard it seems like I have limitation of 10000 rows which gives me wrong value at the end when I want to sum up the total cost. It was due to unable to load all data in the table and showing a total to only those that are displayed.

I want to increase my table rows to more than 10000. This is the screenshot for the section where I am changing the total rows displayed.

Hi @pratichhya,

Thanks for opening this post.

You can check this post as it explains a possible workaround on how to increase the limit:

I hope this helps.


I have the same issue here.
I don’t think your link is helpful since it is clearly said:

Instead of using the Logs you can use “Raw Data” option , which has a size property and you can set it up to max of 10K.

My goal is to have way more than 10K logs on my request.
Is it possible in any way?


Is it a grafana limitation or es limitation? Can you get more than 10k rows if you ran you query in es or kibana?

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Well, I tried to do something similar in Kibana and here is the message I get:

I cannot say if this is a configuration related issue, or just the standard behaviour…

there you go. So grafana cannot override what es itself does not override. so the issue is not grafana


You’re right. I will try to see if we can fix this directly into ES. Thanks