Show more than 500 rows in grafana table

I get more than 1000 elasticsearch records, but grafana only shows 500 rows in the table, how do I change this? Help please.

There is a default size limit of 500 on terms queries. Set the size property in your query to set a custom limit. You can use other variables inside the query.

We update to grafana7,the new features is very awesome.

but there are some questions in table panel: the past ,i use 【raw document】 to some the field of elasticsearch,but grafana7 can not do this.when i setting raw document,it will show all the field.
2.logs provide this feature,but it can’t show more then 500 rows,i try to setting “size” in panel json,but it can not work, please tell me how to do.

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Hi everyone,

I am experiencing similar issues - my Flux query returns all the rows I want from InfluxDB, as evident from the Query Inspector. However I cannot get them show all on the Logs Panel. 500 seems to be about the limit (haven’t counted).

Is there any way to set the Panel to show more rows? The ‘max data points’ setting in the query options doesn’t make any difference…

Hi, I have faced the same issue before but here is the workaround.

Instead of using the Logs you can use “Raw Data” option , which has a size property and you can set it up to max of 10K.
To show the data in table data format, I have used “Organize fields” under Transform and it populates a list of all available columns in each log record and one can choose what to show and what not to.

Hope this helps


Thank you for workaround. My problem has been solved
in additional, i used table transform from “show option” panel and defined which column i want to add to data table (see below image)