Change date format in x-axis in graph pannel


I want to change the default date format on x-axis in graph pannel, but I don’t find any way to do that. When I select to show the last 30 days, by default the format is “mm/dd” but I want to change it to “dd/mm” which is the correct format for my country.

I am using the 6.5.2 Grafana version.

Thanks in advance!


You’re not the only person who would like this to be possible.


Yes, it is odd that it doesn’t pick the format up from the locale settings.
A case of PRs always welcome I suppose.

taking a look to graph panel sourcecode, it seems to take the date format from graph.ts (time_format function), but change it to desired format will force you to recompile the panel (and I don’t kwown if it is possible and legal…).

It is certainly possible and legal to build Grafana oneself. However it is a task not to be taken lightly.

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in my case, I only have to change the order for the month and day and recompile, creating a custom graph panel with that change.

This shows you how to rebuild grafana.

thanks for the info! I saw it today’s morning after create this post, I don’t know if all that effort to do that it will be worth…

That’s what I meant when I said it was a task not to be taken lightly.

Are there some news regarding this issue? Is Grafana 7 supporting other date formats then US?

It’s so ridiculous for an open source software to only support 1 single country… If it’s going to be hardcoded, at least make it the other way around so majority of the people can use it correctly.


Indeed, I think it is actually quite racist for Grafana to only support the U.S date format by default

Is there any update to the date format?
It would be nice to use a custom format.

I cannot find a solution how to change the date format like “dd: mm: yy”

Did you receive any update on this format. I too have the same requirements to display the date in “dd:mm:yy”.

It’s now possible with grafana 7.2 ! :rocket:

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Do I understand that correctly that you can only change it server wide?
Meaning that if you have US customer and others, you’re still out of luck.
And does activating use_browser_locale overwrite the other settings or can you choose in the Graph panel which you want?


“Date formats are set for a Grafana instance by adjusting server-wide settings
in the Grafana configuration file. We hope to add org- and user-level settings
in the future.”



my first steps with grafana 7.5.7. I tried to change the date format (see pictures) and it doesn’t work for me. Any help appreciated.
Thank You

If I’m reading your config file right, you still have semicolons at the start of the relevant lines. You need to remove those for any lines you want to take effect. The semicolon (like the hash sign) comments out lines.

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