How to format X axis label


I use Grafana v9.3.2 on a Windows Server 2016.
I have a barchart but problems with the X-axis label:

time range 7 days:

time range 2 days:

I always want to show the date in format like:


independent from the choosen range.
I looked here in the forum but could not find any solution.
I found only that one can edit the general date format inside defaults.ini.
But this does not solve my problem.

So how please can I format the x-axis labes to my needs?

Hi - is here any solution available please?


may someone from Grafana team can assist here please?

Hi @mrburns,
Take a look at this post:



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The word “solution” is only a terrible workaround which is only working in 5 % of the cases.

This program is so super complicated to use. The UI is so really badly done. It is extremely frustrating how much time I am loosing fiddling around in some settings in some config files.

The UI needs a totally new approach from the user’s point of view but not from the developer’s perspective who only uses the command line and never uses the Web UI.

Hi @martinklimke,
Date formatting now works on time series too! Tested on Grafana 10.1.5.


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Solution does not work for me…

Trying to do similar stuff… have a time series, shows values as bars.
Using the override-trick as shown here does not do any change to the timeformat on the x axis, sticks to default. Would like to have something like “DD HH:MM”, but whatever i choose, there is no difference.
The query to create the data:

ts as time,
price/1000*100 as “Preis in Cent”
FROM misc.aWATTar
WHERE ts >= $__unixEpochFrom() * 1000 AND ts <= $__unixEpochTo() * 1000