Missing date value on bargraph x-axis

  • Grafana version: 10.3.1, operating system: MacOs (using in Chrome)

  • Visualize daywise aggregated information in bargraph plots over last seven days.

  • Using a sql query

  • The x-axis label is not as expected. It is showing only hour and minute information.

  • X-axis shows day information.

  • The data in time column (in Table view) looks like 2024-02-05 01:00:00, although the column has only date and no timestamp information. I am using Postges db and i think the problem is irrelevant to the data source.
    Sql query:
    select log_date as “time”, click_cnt, page

  • No errors on the UI.

  • Change date format in x-axis in graph pannel - #20 by svetb

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Hi, I had the same issue and doing an override of the date field like in the following post worked for me (time:DD.MM.YYYY):

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This worked for me. Thank you.