Button "select all" in Grafana Table panel

is possible to add button “select all” in Grafana Table panel . Mean that when i enable “column filter” and then use it by searching in column for some string it show me all value which correspond to mine search. Then i can select them one by one but i want to have button to select all searched values (beside to for example clicking 20 checkbox) …exactly like after selection is made is appear button to clear all selected …but this mine requested button will work opposite and will select all

Hi @mmmsss ,

Can you attach a few screenshots of your workflow and how you’d like it improved? I think that would help us answer your question a lot.

filter by values

if i use(1) filter by values …then in search field (2) put some text …filter window will show me what is found for that pattern… but these founds (3,4,5,6,7…) can be sometime many like for example 18 pieces …and then i must check them one by one 18 times…i need button “check all” to check all 18 checkbox by one click

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I have the same problem. Without this feature filtering is almost useles if you have a big table and want to filter and quickly check all filteres entries.

Hi @acivciss ,

Yes, I can see what you and @mmmsss are talking about. I can raise this concern with the teams and get some feedback. If there isn’t some way to achieve this rn, then I’d suggest making a feature request in the grafana repo and upvoting it.

@mmmsss & @acivciss,

There is some interest in this with the teams. Do you want to make the feature request?

here is a sample table with column filters and a large value count that you can reference:

yes it should be in next releases

Hi @mattabrams,

I’ve created a feature request:


Fantastic! I’ll keep an eye on this