Grafana table with multiple rows selection and data grab from selected rows

Hi All,
I’m trying to create a table in Grafana (v6.7.4) with a multiple rows selection and, by pressing a button in another panel (called HTML) print out all the selected rows values separated by semicolon.

for example selecting the first 3 rows, then pressing the Execute button, i want to show the following:

i know that it can be possible to create a clckable cell for each row through the flag ‘Render value as link’ in the visualization option of the panel (inside Column Styles).
I can also get the value of each cell of the clicked row inside the Link-url using: {__cell_1}|{__cell_2}|${__cell_3} and refresh the same Dashboard with the new information in the url. But i can get only one info at a time and i can’t select/unselect the rows.

this approach has the side effect that rows are unselectable, so i’m asking you guys how can i solve this problem, maybe there is a plugin that is able to do so or there is a workaround using Grafana variables to make a selectable row like a checkbox.

Thanks in advance.

I’m not sure how to do it offhand, but I would recommend upgrading to Grafana 7.X so that you can take advantage of transformations and data tables. I suspect that would get you closer to where you want to be.

Thanks for the reply, unfortunately I’m stuck with the latest version of grafana 6 due to compatibility issues with some plugins.
Moreover I don’t need to transform the data inside the table but I would like to get selected rows values in order to use them inside the html and execute some calculations via javascript.