Selecting multiple values of template variable via text input does not work in Grafana 7.0 anymore

I have a template variable with the multiselect option enabled. I can select multiple values by clicking them. However if I have already multiple values selected, and try to add another value by typing the new value in the value field, the already selected values are removed. Thus I cannot add new values by typing.

This used to work until Grafana 6.7, and fails since Grafana 7.0.

Since I have a very long list of possible values (e.g.: all countries), a selection by scrolling and clicking is very cumbersome, compared to type just the beginning of the countries name.

I have observed this initially with a template variable based on a postgres query. However I can reproduce it also with a simple custom type variable. Let’s say the value ‘a’ is already selected:


If I now enter ‘b’ in the input field for the variable ‘abc’, the selection is cleared (Selection(0) is displayed):


In Grafana 6.7 this was not the case.