Any way to show values on graphs?


Is there any way to show the values in a Graph, above bars or points in the graph?

I did like this.

If You find a way how to show time instead of “hourly_stat” or other text under the columns, let me know!

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I have same problem with this kind of graph. The values only are showed with tooltip. did you solve this problem?

Mine is looking the same today.
Did you try to set it up like my picture?
You can see values only on “Bar Gauge”

As long I am not able to figure out a better solution, I have 2 graphs in a row for same data. First has hours and good trand view and from the second I can see the values quickly.

Just remove the zero values.

Waitig for a better solution…

Is there a way to put the time values on X axis?

You can change the axis there. Only in Bar Gauge mode!!!
I see it as a temporary solution until someone shows a better way…

Thanks, but it’s not what i meant.
I meant to have the timestamp value “2020-04-27 18:00:00” instead “hourly stat. Mean”

I would love to see this also, but have not found a way. Found ca 10 topics in community forum asking for this, but zero solutions. I was suggesting the best i have figured out myself - have 2 graphs lined up like in one of my pictures above.

Look trendline and time from first and see values from second.

I think I created an issue also in github in January about this, but no answer.

Don´t forget to share, if you figure out something…

Sure. But i’m afraid that deploy team have to fix this. Hoping for a solution too (it would be enought to publish the values on bars on a chart panel).

Hoping for a solution too

+1 Hoping for a solution too

+1 Hoping for a solution, a bit silly that this is not possible.

+1 Hoping for a solution or workaround with ‘Graph’ elements

If I understand the issue correctly, I posted my solution in this thread: