Is it possible to display chart values in a time series panel?

Hi there everyone:

I’m a new with Grafana and I’m trying to make small and simple panels.
I’m using PowerBi and I found a lot of similarities between these two apps. I got two main questions, may be the community could help me to untangle them.

My question is:

I’m trying to show the values of each of the points on the chart so that they can be observed directly without having to hover over them.


This is the only way I can display the information.

And I would like to be able to show it in the times series panel as I can show it in this bar chart.


Is this possible? Maybe any plugin could solve this problem?

Thank you very much, your help will be greatly appreciated for me!

Welcome to the forum. What is your datasource?

I’m using MySQL like datasource.

So I think you will have to write a query in SQL (maybe even build a new table) which produces the values for the 2nd chart. This thread seems to capture that concept:

I do not think that the problem is in the query, the problem is simply the design of the tool, as you can see in the bar chart the information if it is shown as I want (you can see the value directly on the screen) but the problem arises when I want to implement the same but in the time series panel…

Why do you prefer the time series one over the bar as it seems the latter does what you want and it is really a time series also.

Is there something you prefer visually one over the other?

I face same question, I prefer time series because I want to see the tendency.

Could you please provide sample data?