Label points in a time series chart with the point's value

Using the time series panel I would like to have each point in the chart labeled with the point’s value. So in the image below the highlighted point would show the value ‘5’ above it. (Please ignore the fact that the tooltip says “2” and has the wrong color. I believe those are both known issues.)

Is there a way to do this? It seems like it should be possible, but I haven’t been able to find a way to do it or any examples of it being done.

As an example of similar functionality, the Bar Chart panel has an option to “Show Values” which displays the value of each point/bar at the top of each bar. I’m looking for the equivalent feature in the time series panel.

Hi @spin

I don’t believe that feature, which is present on the bar chart, is possible on the time series graph. You’re probably limited to the tooltip.

This might make a nice feature request in the repo, if you were interested in starting that dsicussion

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