Time series with value visible instead of dot

Hi Team,

Can we show value instead of dots in the Time series panel? Looking for a similar result as bellow.

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Hi @voranilamj

I don’t believe that feature, which is present on the bar chart, is possible on the time series graph. You’re probably limited to the tooltip.

This might make a nice feature request in the repo, if you were interested in starting that dsicussion.

I’d event point you to volkov’s Plug-in for Apache Echarts but from what I can see in the docs, even there you’ll can’t point all values, only some.

Check this out

yes, would like to start the discussion. Apache Echarts I saw the example, however, it won’t look nice when you have multiple time series lines and all pin-points visible.

By the way, thank you for your time and input @isaqueprofeta and @yosiasz .