Hard to see overlayed lines in a line graph

I have a graph like below, where multiple series have the exact same value (it’s a usage graph where each series is either 1 or 0, so the values exactly match).

When rendered, the lines are overlayed over eachother, with one line on top and the others under it invisible. It is impossible to tell the values of the hidden lines. In the picture below the yellow line is the same as the blue line, but it’s impossible to tell that.

Is there some setting that would make it more visible where each line is?

When I hover over a point, it just shows me the value of one of the series. It would be helpful if when I hovered over a point it would highlight all of the series which are at that point.

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Have you explored the state timeline panel and the status history panel? I think one or the other might be well suited to this…

The state timeline panel does work for this case.
How can I show on/off on the bars on the panel? I tried making value mapings 0 → off, 1-> on, but that doesn’t do anything.

Answered my own question. You have to do value mappings plus set “color scheme” to “single color”. It’s a little weird that that’s the option you have to set.