Accessing grafana dashboard from outside

Hello everyone,
I’m working on a data acquisition system. My system consists of a set of sensors connected to a nodemcu board. The nodemcu is flashed with tasmota firmware. The nodemcu transfers the collected data to a raspberry pi through MQTT messaging protocol. influxDB database and grafana have been installed on the raspberry pi to store and monitor the data.I have built some panels to visualixe my sensor data and can access it at The question is: could i access my grafana dashboard from outside (i.e. if i’m using other internet network than that is used by the grafana server) ?! And how ?!

what about using a VPN service like WireGaurd

Sure, a VPN from the outside world into your local network is also possible. May get more complicated if you have (or will have) multiple users (each might need their own VPN credentials).

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