Grafana on rasperry pi access from internet

I have grafana running on a rasperry pi and can access all my dashboards from my local network. How is it possible to access it from the internet? Is it possible to connect it to grafana cloud and access the existing dashboards including the data via that?

Welcome. You need to do a port forward on your router.
If you’re unfamiliar you need to go to your router configuration page (its usually something like or, getting you there will be out of the scope of this forum.

But once you’re there you’ll need to find your port forwarding menu and route port 3000 from your raspberry pi (you should have your IP set to static). to whatever external port you want (maybe do 3000 as well).

Then to access your page, just go to your public IP:port. You can easily find your public IP by going to So your final format would be something like
Hope this helps.