Access Grafana Dashboard which is hosted locally from another machine or over internet

I have currently setup Grafana on my local machine. I can access the dashboard through the url : httl://localhost:3000 . So i am planning to install grafana on VM as i have my influxdb and Jmeter setup over there. Now if i want to access the dashboard from my machine or over the internet say for example my mobile or another machine which does not have access to the VM how can i do that? what configuration i need to do for that?

I have a similar setup. Grafana running on an internal machine but I access it from my external IP address. I have Google Fiber and had to go to the router and port forward the external IP to the internal IP address:3000. Google only allows one port forwarded TCP port but that is all I needed. I hope this information helps. It might help to get a more detailed answer if you include your internet provider information and router/box information.