Datasource external Access

Hello All,

I’ve a dashboard generated by json script but when i try to access via a external access my html part is configured to launch a php script on my local server.
When i’m in my local Network it’s ok but from a external device it’s not possible to acces in my private NAT/DHCP network.

How i can do to use grafana as proxy ?

a example of my http url which exectue php script on a remote server :

<…> href="#" onclick="$.post(‘http://X.X.X.X/newvlans/my_s/upgrafana.php?tag=501&value=15360&groupe=29&lvl=100’); return false;">15 Mb

Where X.X.X.X it’s a Private IP

Thanks in advance.


This seems a litte out of scope of Grafana. But as a first step you need to solve the external access to X.X.X.X, may it be thru exposing the private IP or running a nginx server or similar in front. As soon as you solved this you should be able to expose the content on X.X.X.X in an iframe in Grafana.


Thanks Marcus,

Yes i expected to this, ok now i’m working to get the IP’s client and add a condition to match with the good URL in my href in the JavaScript, Maybe you’ve a idea ?


If you’re trying to get the ip address of the user using Grafana via the iframe url that would probably not work. What’s the use case for this?


User access to the dashboard in my Private VLAN, and sometimes Remote acces as a NAT/DHCP acces remote so when my user use the frame i’ve a module which contain a URL with Private IP,…doesn’t work remote user

Okay. Maybe Grafana is the wrong place of solving this problem. Feels like something you usually solve in a firewall, but I may be wrong.

Yes indeed marcus, it’s more about develloping !
I work on my issue :slight_smile:

have a good day Marcus !