Sharing Grafana Panel externally

I want to share a panel among users who are not in the same network and do not have access to the server on which solution has been implemented.
I could see some options like:
-> Sharing a snapshot (that will not show the live data)
-> Share the dashboard as JSON (that will also not show the live data and the connection with the server because the user doesn’t have access to the database)

Is there any solution to this issue ?

Configure a proxy server which the users have access to, and can itself access
the Grafana server.


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Can I run Grafana on a proxy server? If yes, how?

The intention here would be to keep Grafana running as it currently is. But you set up a new proxy server which is both (a) accessible to your (external) users, and (b) has network access to your Grafana server. Then it will relay all requests back and forth. Some basic instructions are here: (you may want to Google for something more detailed , especially if you’re not familiar with the proxy concept).

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Thanks for your reply. I got the concept and I tried to implement it as well but got no success. I think it’s because I am running Grafana in a corporate network. Though I am using Cntlm for proxy authentication still I am not being able to access Grafana outside the network.

I have tried the IIS method using the rewrite url method.

When you say “no success”, what’s the specific issue you’re experiencing? Can you confirm that the proxy server itself is actually accessible from outside your network? If so, are you getting an error when it tried to proxy Grafana.

I’m not hugely familiar with IIS or Cntlm so probably can’t dive into the details of your implementation, but there are some basic sanity checks that are worth doing.

Thanks for your response. My networking knowledge is not strong enough I guess. But I will try to explain what I am doing and what I want to get out of it.

If I want to access my local sever outside the network then I need to access my public IP address from outside. For instance, my public IP is 123.45.678.90, then I need to browse this IP outside the network ( I am using my mobile phone which has it’s own mobile data to access the IP).
What IIS is doing, it is rewriting the url for the incoming requests and connecting it to the localhost. (But this is not working)
I don’t know either I am doing it right or not.

If you have some knowledge to access a local server(Grafana is running on local server) from outside the network, please do share.

Right. It sounds like you probably need to enable port forwarding on your public-facing router, so any incoming requests are directed to your server.

I solved it using NGROK .
NGROK assigns a sub-domain to your local server and you can access it from anywhere if you got internet connectivity. This is called Load Balancing or Reverse Proxy. There are other options as well like NGINX HAProxy etc. NGROK works fine for me and I haven’t tried the others.