Access to grafana in local network trough https

I’m working on Windows 10.

At the moment I can access to grafana in my localhost (HTTPS) with : ht tps://
And I’m running another web site h ttps:// that I can access to it trough my localhost and my local network (from another PC).

What I want to do is to access to grafana in local network trough https !

So I tried to run grafana as a sub path in local network trough my website in port 443 (HTTPS), so I config custom.ini as you see in the picture (custom), and I rewrite the URL in IIS as munched in custom.ini, then I enabled the proxy from IIS Application request routing : but the problem is I still cannot reach (in my localhost or in another PC in the same network) and I got this error (HTTP Error 404. The requested resource is not found).

Guys, I’m new in Grafana and I don’t know if this the right process to host the grafana in the local network, I really need your help and your efforts to solve this issue, Please need your reply and suggestions.

Thank you very much community

If you are accessing your Grafana successfully at:
then you are already using https protocol, Grafana is just running on a non-standard https port 3000 instead of 443.

So is your question “I want to run Grafana on port 443 alongside other local websites”?

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Yes I’m running grafana using https ( but my problem is I can’t access to grafana from another computer in the same local network with (an this is what I want to do)

My problem even if I created the rule in my firewall to open the port 3000, the port is always closed so I can’t reach Grafana from another computer in the same network.
But I have already the port 443 where I run another website and it’s reachable from my local network, that’s why I’m trying to run Grafana on port 443 alongside other local websites.

One port can usually only be used by one application - your other webserver blocks this port from being used with grafana.

Use a webserver like nginx and set it up as reverse proxy to both of your webservers (your current one, configured to another port and grafana). Additionally you could use it to do HTTPS (so local access to your webserver and your grafana only uses HTTP), which will make your HTTPS configuration way easier as you only will have to configure your certificates in one place.