Accessing outside of localhost


I have grafana up and running in via localhost. I am wondering how do I get this out of localhost? Are there instructions for deploying? I need my work accessible for others, but I can’t seem to find a solution for this problem. Any advice?

I can access at https://localhost:3000
Want access at say for other’s to view my dashboards

Thank you

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It sounds to me like there are two things here:

  1. You want to access the interface IP address of the Grafana machine instead
    of or ::1

  2. You want Grafana to listen on port 443 instead of 3000

The first should be automatic - Grafana does not restrict itself to localhost
by default. Check the output of “netstat -lptn” for something like:

tcp6 0 0 :::3000 :::* LISTEN 20959/grafana-server

Just make sure you have network routing (which is quite independent of
Grafana) set up so that the machine is reachable from whomever needs to access

The second is simple: check /etc/grafana/grafana.ini for “http_port = 3000”,
change it to “https_port = 443” and make sure it is uncommented. Ensure there
is no other process (such as Apache or NGinx) listeneing on port 443 on that

Obviously you also need “protocol = https” but it sounds like you have that



Hi Antony!. Looking what you posted 2 years ago can be useful for me. I did not understand what you said about checking netstat -lptn very well

I mean “run the command ‘netstat -lptn’ on the machine where Grafana is and
make sure that the part preceding ‘:3000’ is either ‘’ (for IPv4) or
‘::’ (for IPv4 and IPv6)”.


Ok thank you! Checking it, i can see that our machine is listening and changing the port to 443 HTTPS we can access from outside

I made a copy of the sample and renamed it custom as instructed in the documentation and changed the port to 443 and the http to https.
still can’t share the link of the dashboard.
I ran the netstat configuration it was [ ::1]:3000

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Hi Antony! I have just set up both features, and i have checked that grafana is listening at 3000. I changed it in the ini. file to 443 for http request. I have two dashboards, how can i access now to one of them?