Getting data from Raspberry PI in Windows

Hi, I’m new to grafana. Never the less I’ve build a dahsboard on a raspberry PI, getting data over MQTT. The data is stored in an influx data base. Now I want to see my data into my local network (over ethernet in windows). But I’ve got no idea how. Can anyone help me, please?

Is it possible to set an external IP adress and login directly via host PC (grafana or influxDB)?

Since you’re on the same network, you should be able to just access the Pi directly via IP address. For example, if your Pi is at and Grafana is running on the default port (3000), you should be able to access it at in your browser.

This was my first thought. But it didn’t work. Perhaps because of DHCP.
I will configure my network and try it again.

That’s possible. Do you have any special configuration for either device? Or do they both have dynamic IP addresses?

The Pi still works in the standard configuration out of the box (raspbian stretch).
I got the IP by command line “hostname -I” And the IP seems to be static.

And an ESP8266 is connected to it wirelessly. So I need to use the ethernet port for readout.

My laptop was configured by the network admin (university) to DHCP. Perhaps it take some time until I can test another setup.