Zabbix SQL ICMP Data

Hi Guys

So im Running a zabbix server that has a bunch of Mikrotik Routers that i am pinging (snmp / icmp). I manually input the Location of the device into the Longitude and Latitude fields.
Im using Grafama linked to zabbix sql with World Map Plugin to show where each of these routers are and want to be able to pull the Ping of each device to show if they are online or offline.

I have searched around a bit and have managed to pull the location. I am just having trouble pulling the ping of the hosts. I am getting (0/1/2) for the availability but that is for the ZBX connection to the host with the agent and not the SNMP. Below is the query i am running.

SELECT as metric, i.location_lat as latitude, i.location_lon as longitude, available
FROM host_inventory as i, hosts as h
WHERE i.hostid=h.hostid AND i.location_lon!=’’ AND status != 3

I am still new to Grafana and running query’s. What do i need to use to pull only the ping status or just the SNMP status of the hosts?

Thank you!