Zabbix Data Source - Host Availabilty

Latest version of Grafana: Grafana v10.0.2 (b2bbe10fbc), on Ubuntu.

I am trying to duplicate this (from Zabbix):

  • How Using Grafana Dashboards

I was pointed this way by a member on the Zabbix forums.

My issue is I have a subset of my devices which cannot be queried by SNMP and I can’t get an agent on them. The only way I have of testing availbilty is via ICMP Ping - so I have 3 stats per device to play with:
ICMP Loss (0-100%)
ICMP Ping (Up or Down)
ICMP Ping Response tim (in ms)

How can I use Grafana to duplicate this dashboard element? I’m guessing I’m going to have to do a query to group the number of devices with each availability level, as well as doing some sort of transformation (from e.g. Loss to Available being 0-25%, Not available being 75%+, and issue being 26-74%), but I don’t know WHERE to start in Grafana.

TBH the heatmap would be good, if I could just get it to not worry about history but just do current status (is this possible).

Aaah… I may have found it - aggregate function… And Donut… That doesn’t give me the same thing yet - but it may give me a nicer view of the same.

There is something here, but I can’t work out how/what… yet…

i’m thinking I want to group Hosts by ICMP Loss levels.

So group all those less than 21% in available group Everything else into no available…( to start) and just count the no. in each of these groups…

So this:

Gives me something like what I am looking for…If I could pin it to this time (filtered by left hand column) and get rid of the middle colume (I’m not sure where that is from)…