Zabbix-Grafana, creating a summed-up up/down overview as a novice

I hope I’ve put this into the right sub category.

I am currently in an internship and got the task to build a monitoring overview via grafana based on zabbix metrics.

  • What Grafana version and what operating system are you using?


  • What are you trying to achieve?

I want to create a panel that shows a simple overview over my given cloud-host, showing how many servers are available, how many are unavailable and how many are unknown, and how many are there total. Afaik this is a standard thing in Zabbix itself, but I am unable to replicate it.

  • How are you trying to achieve it?

I have my datapoint and select the cloud-host, select all servers (/.*/) and the item tag “Application: Status” and the item “Zabbix agent availability”

This works as intended and shows in my case 56 singular green boxes valued “1” and three red boxes valued “0”.

Now I want to have a simple overview, that shows a summed up number, so I add the function “sumSeries()” and that works for available servers - great! One single green box with a 56.

But now I am at a loss. As i’ve said, i have never used grafana before and I only have some bare experience with Zabbix in itself.

I want a second box (+Query, i know) that now only sums the OFFLINE servers, but as they’re values are zero they’re not counted at all. I’ve been trying to use transformations and math expressions but to absolutely no avail. Another box calculating ALL servers, regardless of their state.

This might be rather simple, but I cannot wrap my head around it. That’s why I was hoping to maybe find some help here.

Any input is appreciated!