Grafana and SNMP Traps

Hi all

Is there a way for grafana to monitor the status of an SNMP trap? Let me explain. Let´s pretend i have a zabbix server configured to receive traps from device X. The trap’s possible values are “online” and “offline”. It is certainly easy to have Grafana and Zabbix to know the last value sent to that trap but my problem starts now. Let me try to summarize:

  • Device X sends a trap to zabbix with the value “Online” (after recovering from an offline…let´s assume for the sake of correcteness)
  • Grafana is using singlestat and collects this text value from Zabbix and displays online
  • 24h passed from that last status update and since Device X didn´t go offline, no trap has been sent.
  • If grafana is using for example a “last 6 hours” query, no result will be shown and if i set this “hardcoded” using the relative time or timeshift options i will be getting an old status if device X happens to send a trap with “offline”.

In short, what i need is that Grafana get the last value reported by device X in zabbix and disregards time ranges completely.

Is that possible?