Interested in using Grafana to generate SNMP traps

I am interested in using Grafana’s alert-notification capabilities to generate SNMP traps, and I’m wondering if anyone else in the Grafana community has done something similar. I know that SNMP is not supported as an alerting engine out of the box.

Is there a plugin that allows SNMP traps to be generated as an alerting mechanism? If not, would it be possible to create one?
Alternatively, is there a tool that is the consensus choice for taking in Grafana alerts (via webhook or maybe kafka) and generating SNMP traps based on that?

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!

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Would also like this, if any creative solutions already exist, I would also appreciate a heads-up.

I also want the same thing. Is there any solution for that? I wanted to create a notification for ISIS adjacency state whether it is up or down. I found MIB for that but not able to get alerts or notification for that. please help me out from this.

We can do custom snmp trap relay for grafans