Ping up down status with Geomap

I am running Grafana v10.2.3 and use Zabbix for my data source to monitor network resources.

I have built a map dashboard using Geomap. I have all my locations properly mapped and, I would like to add Ping up/down statis as a color marker.

I think I can add an additional query (query B) to create the status. However I am having a hard time creating the query.

Query A is:
SELECT hi.location_lat as latitude, hi.location_lon as longitude, hi.hostid
FROM host_inventory hi
JOIN hosts_groups hg ON hi.hostid = hg.hostid
WHERE hg.groupid = 68;

I think my query needs to include the host ID and group ID like the one above to tie the two together.

Anyone know the proper way to create that query?

what table is status data saved in

your question is really more mysql than grafana

I do not know the actually tables and. it is a combination of things. That is why I posted it here.
This is Grafana pulling information from Zabbix using Mysql query so, that is why I posted it here.
Someone that understands Grafana working with Zabbix is who I am seeking help from.

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