XY chart: X axis label

Grafana newbie here.
I am using Grafana v9.3.6. I need to Scatter_plot data over a time period, and i used XY charts.Is there a way to display the Date( YYYY-MM-DD format )
in the x-axis of the XY chart. when in date format, the displayed date is a
7 digit number(timestamp). And the override doesn’t seem to work in the axis label.
Override works on the tooltip, but in the x-axis label, it is still the 7-digit number.
Thanks in advance.

Hey. Do you have a solution for your problem?

welcome @gapsong

What is your data source?

I am using Postgres as my datasource

use something like this in the query (we cant see your query but this still should work)

SELECT TO_CHAR(YOUR_DATE_COLUMN::date, 'dd/mm/yyyy');