Workaround for 26 query/panel limit


We are creating an HMI control panel in Grafana and are running into trouble adding all the metrics we need due to the 26 queries/panel limit. We may need up to 50 queries. Has anyone found a workaround for circumventing this limit with Grafana panels?

Thank you.

I don’t believe there is 26 queries per panel limit. How do you know about that limit? Is there any documentation?

This was fixed in v8.1.0-beta1

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Thank you. We are currently forced to use version 7.5 as we are using Grafana through a provider, so unfortunately we don’t benefit from this upgarde.

you missing out on a lot of cool new panels, features, functionality, security updates etc.

push your provider to upgrade…

V6? Do they provide it to you for free? Might be time to move to other providers. How many dashboards do you currently have

We managed to get our provider to upgrade our version to 10.x. What we see now is that there is a warning that the plugin uses “a deprecated legacy platform based on AngularJS”, and we can now display 29 values instead of 26, but not more than 29. Does anyone know if there is a relationship between this deprecation notice and the limitation, or if there are any other limitations related to flowcharting panels? We are using this plugin: FlowCharting plugin for Grafana | Grafana Labs

Grafana has been going through extensive rewrites to move off Angular!

This plugin was last updated in 2020:

So it has probably not been written to take advantage of React instead of Angular… Probably a good idea to reach out to the developer/maintainer for support or find another plugin with similar functionality…

For a quick fix of flowcharts check this out

There is a lot of chatter about reviving flowchart in grafana github you might want to check out