Error with > 7 queries in a panel?

Hi there. As per the documentation, “Grafana supports up to 26 queries per panel”. I am however having an issue in a panel with 8 queries:

If I unselect one of the queries, there is no error:

Maybe the issue was that last query then? Doesn’t seem to be the case:

Any ideas of what could be going on?

Grafana 8.0.3, InfluxDB 1

@felipefischmann what do the errors say? Can you hover over the red triangle when a query fails? Can you use your browser’s developer tools to see what is happening (maybe check the network tab while reproducing a failure)? Do you see anything interesting if you view the raw request and response using the inspect drawer on the panel dropdown?

Can you access the grafana server logs?

Hi @mattabrams
The error is as below:
Using the browser dev tools, I see:

There’s nothing too unusual about the query, I have however noticed that it is very long. I also tested with another panel which has 7 queries but only works with 6. This makes me wonder if there is a character limit for the panel query, is that a possibility?

interesting idea. how many characters are your queries?

FWIW I’ve experienced something like this with long Influx queries, where the GET query string ends up being too long. You can try switching the request method to POST (in the Influx datasource settings) and see if that helps.

The above isn’t an inherent Grafana limitation by the way; in our case it was happening due to a limit on the AWS CloudFront proxy running in front of Grafana (which has a limit of 8192 characters in the URL). I think Grafana’s limit is far higher than that.

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Yep, setting to POST did it. Not like it’s not documented, but this hadn’t occurred to me before. Thanks folks

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