VM Windows Server 2019 Requirements

Good morning ,

I did not find anything on the Grafana website regarding the Windows Server requirements. (HDD/CPU/RAM)

Can anyone tell me what is required for our test installation as a VM. I know grafana as a basic installation is very low on resources.

We wanted to install on Windows Server 2019, Grafana + Prometeues + Loki + Tempo. How big should be the hard drive/memory/CPU/etc.

Is the order of installation also beneficial as described above ?

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Some general guidelines on resources for Grafana alone are here

Since this is a VM, you’ll have some flexibility to edit the VM and add resources CPU/RAM and disk if you find that you’ve started too small. Usually, for sizing you’ll want to monitor the performance in a test instance (as you’re doing) to find the right configuration for your use case.

You’ll configure your data sources (Loki, Tempo, and Prometheus) inside of Grafana to visualize the data. The specific installation order doesn’t matter.