What are the prerequisites for installing Grafana on CentOS 7

Hello The Grafana Community !

I am looking to install Grafana on CentOS 7 to be able to view my Centreon supervision dashboards, my question is to know what are the prerequisites for installing a CentOS 7 VM with Grafana. (Disk space, RAM…) Thank You :slight_smile:

Hello @valentinsalomon1!

The recommendations listed here should be fairly representative irrespective of OS: Requirements | Grafana Labs. Will depend on the load (e.g. number of concurrent user sessions), but Grafana is pretty lightweight on the whole. You shouldn’t need more than 100MB or so for the full install

Thank you for your answer @svetb ! One last thing, is 100MB enough for 2/3 years of use? Or do I have to add an additional 200 / 300MB? Thanks again :wink:

Uhm…depends what you plan to do. Exactly how tight are you on resources?

It’s probably not wise to run a VM that only has a small amount of free disk space - regardless of what Grafana itself is using. In other words, the long-term disk space requirements will be dictated by the OS, not by Grafana. In this respect, I’m sure there are better guides on best practices out there. The CentOS docs recommend 10GB minimum: System requirements reference :: CentOS Docs Site.

What Grafana uses will be marginal compared to the OS itself. If you make lots of dashboards, etc, Grafana’s own storage will grow, but probably by kilobytes/megabytes rather than gigabytes. If you render dashboards as images (for alerts/reports) those will take some space too. Finally, keep in mind that Grafana does not store the data you’ll be visualizing - that will be on your database server, which I assume is separate.

Thank you for all this information!

In fact, I would like to create a vm with a Graphite server, then configure the link between Centreon and Graphite because Centreon allows data to be exported to TSDB type databases (Time Series Database which is the Graphite database type).
And finally, install and configure Grafana on the Graphite machine in order to be able to manipulate the data.

So the question is mostly what ideal size should I admit to my Graphite server which will be used as a separate database for Graphana?

I think the answer is “it depends” - on various things, like the volume of data you’ll be ingesting into Graphite, etc. Maybe others on here have experience with such a setup and can advise.

My personal advise would be to just not overthink it and pick something (16GB? 32GB?) and see how it goes. Have in mind that with VMs these days, generally speaking:
(a) your HDD image will be stored in a sparse format, and will only take up as much space on the host as there is data stored on it, rather than the full allocated amount
(b) you can usually increase the allocation at a later point if it turns out to be too little.

So, unless you have specific constraints, I’d say that the benefit of spending a lot of time up-front to optimize the size is probably fairly limited.

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