Hosting Grafana version 9.3 onpremise on windows hardware and OS requirement

What are the best practice to host Grafana Version 9.3 on windows environment?
Should I use windows 10/11 or windows server 2019/2022?
What is hardware requirement?
The same system is going to host INFLUXDB and Telegraf.
System is going to have DB connection on MS SQL DB that is hosted on different hardware.


I am absolutely no MS Windows expert, but I’ll offer some opinions anyway:

  1. If you’re running Grafana as a service to be accessed by other users, run
    it on Windows Server Edition

  2. Use the latest version of Windows Server available, or, if this is
    different, the one with the longest support lifetime

  3. Nobody can tell you what the hardware requirement is until you tell us what
    your monitoring requirement is - how many clients do you need to support, how
    complex are your dashboards, how complex are the queries to your backend data
    sources, etc…

  4. (more a question than an opinion) Why are you running InfluxDB on this
    machine and also accessing MS SQL remotely? I’m not saying there’s anything
    wrong with that, just curious.


Item 3:- 5 Clients, Regarding dashboard and queries complexity is there any Best practice approach reference document.
Item4:- System requirement is to read form MS sql(Process data which is very slow does not require realtime update) and Influx DB(Sensor Data that require real time update). Can you suggest best practice approach.