Guidance on Implementing Windows Server Monitoring with Grafana OSS

Hello Grafana Community,

I am relatively new to Grafana and would appreciate some guidance on how to implement Windows Server monitoring using Grafana OSS. I have specific requirements that I hope to fulfill, including monitoring various aspects of my Windows environment.


  1. Monitoring Processes: I want to monitor the processes running on my Windows servers, including their names and resource usage (CPU and RAM). For instance, I’d like to see something like “IIS - CPU: 50%, RAM: 3.6 GB” in Grafana.
  2. IIS Load and Turnaround Time: I’m interested in monitoring various aspects of IIS, such as load, turnaround time, and other relevant performance metrics.
  3. MSQL Server: I also need to monitor SQL Server and would appreciate advice on what key parameters to track.

Additional Information:

  • I am using Grafana OSS, and while I’ve seen integrations for IIS and SQL Server in Grafana Cloud, I’m struggling to find similar resources or guidance for implementing these in Grafana OSS.

I would greatly appreciate any assistance, guidance, or pointers on how to set up these monitoring tasks using Grafana OSS. If some specific plugins or configurations can help me achieve these goals, please share them with me.

Thank you for your help!

Best regards,

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