Grafana on Windows Server 2019


  • What Grafana version and what operating system are you using?
    We are planning to setup a VM Windows Server 2019 STD machine using Grafana 8.5.2 / prometeus 2.35.0/ Windows Exporter 0.18.1 / Loki 2.5 / Promtail 2.5 / Tempo 1.4

What are you trying to achieve?**
We are in the planning phase and ideally want to install Grafana/prometheus/Windows Exporter/ Loki/Promtail/ Tempo on the Windows server to monitor the whole landscape.

Is the combination of all these programs on a windows server 2019 possible? Because with Tempo I can’t find any traditional windows install files on grafana and github. Therefore I wanted to ask the community if the constelation makes sense.

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possible but risky in putting all your eggs in one basket? Do you not have a virtual hosting environment like open shift/kubernetes/vmware?

Then you can spin each as individual virtual instances: ie docker.

As far as tempo is concerned it seems like they do not yet have a windows version but you can spin it up in docker