Windows Logs Push

Hello Ladies and Gents,
I have been searching till I am blue in the face. Can anyone please point me to a good tutorial that will show me how to configure my Windows Servers to push my logs to my Grafana Loki server? I have literally been searching for 2 hours now.

Thanks everyone,

There is a Windows version of the promtail agent, you can find it on the release download page: Releases · grafana/loki · GitHub

Thank you sir, I appreciate your help and time. Is it hard to configure Grafana Agent on Windows? To push logs, I have that but it doesn’t seem to be pushing the logs to the Grafana Agent.

You’ll have to read the doc and figure it out, or someone with Windows knowledge can chime in. I don’t personally use Windows.

lol Neither do I, but they force me to at work unfortunately, However thank you for your time and the info. I appreciate you.

Thank you,

Hi @nexusguy59

I am setting about to do the same thing, i.e. get my logs from a Windows Server 2022 into Loki, so we’ll go through this together!

Just yesterday I followed this tutorial and got our Microsoft SQL Server metrics transmitting to Grafana Cloud, but I did not pursue the logs.

Thank you Grant, However I am not using the cloud. I am using on prem DCs Windows Server 2016. I also installed Grafana Agent on them as well. I am not understanding how to get them to communicate (configure properly). I will take a look, I appreciate it.

I am also using Grafana OSS (on-prem) and Windows Server (on-prem), so we are both chasing the same carrot. :carrot: :carrot: :carrot:

Awesome I don’t feel so alone :smiley: