Variables with more than a million rows


Grafana 6.4.1, MSSQL.
I’m new to Grafana and I’m having problems adding variables to my dashboard (the dropdown filter).

When I use a variable from my smaller table, it works fine. But when I try to add a variable from the table that exceeds a million rows, it shows this error:
Template variables could not be initialized: query row limit exceeded, limit 1000000”

I’ve already tried turning the selection options on and off, but nothing changed. Also, I’m not using Regex. Am I doing something wrong or Grafana doesn’t really support variables with more than 1M rows?

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AFAIK no it doesn’t but it is a good feature request, lazy load and dynamic cursor handling in tables :wink:

Don’t show me more than 500 rows, Where config this?

Hello Bruna!

I was also having the same problem and I came here to your post and after reading it came the idea of limiting the output, which in my case solves the default grafana limitation. I need to create 50 variables, so I limited the query to 100 and got the expected return!
Here’s the print: